Conformal Coatings for Electronics

For faster electronics production and longer-lasting performance

A global leader in Silicone-based technologies, Dow’s conformal coatings are ideal for flat landscape electronics designs that require robust protection from moisture, contaminants, solvents, abrasion, and stress. They are available in a range of stress relief levels, viscosities and cure speed to deliver solutions that are calibrated to your performance needs and processing preferences. Dow Performance Silicones works closely with our customers to help reduce time, risk, and cost at every stage of your new product development.

Our versatile portfolio, including UV grades, are nearly all solventless. They perform reliably at sustained temperatures from -45°C to 150°C and come in a broad range of durometers as well as extremely low modulus options for enhanced stress relief on delicate board components during thermal cycling. Our Dow team will work closely with customers to help reduce time, risk, and cost, at every stage of the new product development.

Choose your viscosity

Low-viscosity coatings support high-speed production methods, including manual or automated spraying, flow, or jetting techniques. These faster flowing materials are also suitable options when you want your coating to flow through vias or under chips.

Higher viscosity coatings provide increased control over the speed and distance of flow, to prevent their spread into “no go” areas. Higher viscosity silicones also enable thicker coating layers in one pass, and some grades even offer a stable coat on tall vertical surfaces.

Choose your cure profile

Fast, UV, moisture cure coatings cure quickly at room temperature to provide a “dispense and forget” solution that is tack-free, and ready to move down the production line in less than ten minutes. Cure – and productivity – can be further accelerated with the application of heat or irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) energy.

Extended-working-time moisture cure coatings also cure at room temperature, but permit more time for the material to flow further over large or complex boards. They are also the preferred solution for applications that require a thicker coating.

Heat cure coatings are the material of choice when your processing operation demands full cure in under five minutes. They may also impose lower stress onboard components during thermal cycling.

To protect large components or thin sensitive wires or solder joints, our encapsulants offer better protection and faster, simpler cure options. For applications subject to thermal cycling, our silicone gels provide a flexible, almost fluid dielectric coating.

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